Communities made up of persons with an intellectual disability, their families and friends, particularly young friends, who meet together on a regular basis in a Christian spirit, to share friendship, pray together, fiesta and celebrate life.
Through this site, we invite you to discover the wisdom of this surprising man, who discovered how to bring a totally new light to our collective humanity by becoming supremely attentive to people affected by severe functional or intellectual disabilities.
Faith and Light is an International Christian community movement bringing together people with a learning disability, their families, carers and friends. It recognises that everyone has gifts to offer - the ability to welcome others with and affection and a gift of Celebration.
In a world that places such value on success and winning, L'Arche communities are places where people can take time to explore who they are, not just what they can do. They are places of welcome where people are transformed by an intense experience of community, relationship, disability and difference.
We aim to provide services and opportunities for the needs of all people with limiting or disabling conditions living within the Nottingham Diocese, according to the wishes expressed by the people themselves.
An international Christian association for intellectually disabled people, their parents and friends. The Province of the Northern Lights consists of Faith and Light groups in Denmark, Estonia, Norway and Sweden.
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