100 CLUB
The Faith and Light 100 Club is a private lottery open to anyone over the age of 16 which was set up to raise money not only to help fund local Faith and Light events like pilgrimages and outings, but also to support the communities in the countries that are less well off than our own.

By joining the 100 club you can help to ensure local communities continue to thrive and that they can meet commitments to support Faith and Light International. YOU will also have the chance to win a CASH prize each month.

The more people who buy a subscription the higher the prize money! HOW IT WORKS

  • The prizes are made up from 40% of the net income.

e.g. If there are 110 entrants the net income is 100 (10 goes towards running costs).
40% of the net income (40) will be used as the prize fund split into 3 prizes :

- The 1st Prize will be 25
- The 2nd Prize will be 10
- The 3rd Prize will be 5

  • You may buy more than one number per month.
  • You pay for 12 months in advance.


Interested in taking part? Fill in the 100 Club Application Form with your details and you will be allocated a number.

Click here to download the 100 Club Application Form
Faith and Light Wales run their own 100 Club which runs slightly differently. If you would like to take part please contact us.
18th Apr 2020
St Cassians Centre Hungerford
UK south Provincial General Assembly
2nd May 2020 10:00am
St Catherine of Siena Catholic Church, Birmingham Birmingham
Trustees AGM
28th Jul-1st Aug 2020 (Afternoon)
The Youth Village, Consett near Newcastle
Summer Celebration
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